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Cubbie Starter Pack

Cubbie Starter Pack

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New to our cubbie storage system? Our Cubbie Starter Pack is perfect for getting started. You will receive ONE Acrylic Sticker Cubbie and FIVE packs of Pocket Files (25 pocket files total). 

  • 1 x acrylic sticker cubbie (black, white, or clear)
  • 5 x pocket file packs (your choice - mix and match)

Acrylic Sticker Cubbie Info

The Acrylic Sticker Cubbie is designed to help you store and organize your planner stickers in a filing system. Pair with our Pocket Files and organize various sizes of your favorite planner stickers - even those tricky in-between sized sticker sheets! 

  • cubbie dimensions: 7.5 in L x 5.5 in W x 5.5 in H
  • box will arrive with a paper film mask to protect from scratches during transit 
  • rae + tay logo on front 
  • accommodates stickers up to 7 x 5 in size (the typical size of most sticker kits)
  • handmade in USA

To Care:

To care for your sticker cubbie use a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust and/or spot clean. 

Pocket File Info

Our pocket files are designed to pair with the rae + tay Sticker Cubbies. These stylish mini files are sized to hold all your planner stickers of various sizes. From your smallest freebie sticker to your kits! 

The exterior of the files are coated, but the interior is not, allowing you to write on the tabs or you can use your favorite stickers to label your tabs! (For the foiled and printed pocket files we recommend using matte script stickers to make it easiest to read). 

  • 5pc set (each pack includes 5 files)
  • scallop tab design
  • rae + tay logo in front bottom left corner
  • 9 stylish colors that match our Sticker Binders
  • foiled pocket files are foiled only on tabs and logo, body of pocket file is white
  • accommodates stickers up to 6x7 inches
  • imported

Take care: 

To care for your pocket files, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe clean. Please avoid contact with liquids. 

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