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Ink Swatch Inserts • Calligraphy Pen

Ink Swatch Inserts • Calligraphy Pen

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Ink Swatch Inserts are perfect for swatching your collection of inks. Keep track of your colors and easily pick from your collection when selecting a new ink to use. While intended for fountain pen inks, these inserts will work with other swatches such as watercolor paints.

Ink Swatch Inserts are printed single sided in case of bleed through. Though bleed through should be minimal if any due to our thick, textured card-stock paper.

Ink Swatch Inserts are sold in a set of 20 pages. 

  • use ink swatch inserts to help you organize and keep track of your ink collection inside the rae + tay binders
  • thick, textured card-stock paper
  • single sided - precaution for potential bleed through
  • three hole punch sheets

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