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Washi Sleeve

Washi Sleeve

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The washi sized sleeve is designed to hold washi length planner sticker sheets. 

Sleeves are sold in a set of 30 units. 

  • use sleeves to help you organize your planner stickers inside the rae + tay signature binders
  • double sided - allowing you to load and access stickers from both sides.
  • center loading - easy to insert and access stickers! 
  • three hole punch sleeve
  • designed for stickers sized: 7x3 inches
  • signature handwritten look logo printed on each sleeve
  • imported

(stickers are shown for size, stickers sold separately)

Limit per order:

binders only: up to 7 units

binders + sleeves: up to 6 binders + up to 6 sleeves

sleeves only: up to 20

(when adding to cart please do not exceed these limits per order. You may place more than one order) 

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